Easter Egg Hunt!

Sorry guys that i havn’t posted in a long time but i am now

egg.png The easter egg hunt has started so heres the first egg its in the book room

egg1.png The second egg is at the dock

egg2.png The third egg is at the puffle shop

egg4.png The fourth egg is at the ski lodge

egg5.png The fifth egg is at the gift shop

egg6.png The sixth egg is at the dojo (it moves around so be aware)

egg7.png The seventh egg is at the plaza it looks like a light bulb

egg3.png The eighth and final egg is at the mine shack

egg81.png Now that gathered all the eggs click on the egg at the top of the screen then click claim prize

egg9.png The prize is the bunny ears!


Two great things!!!

One: I wont quit Club penguin yet!!!

Two: i just made a Planet Cazmo site so come check it out!

Important news

hello everyone its shady5555 im thinking about quiting my blog. so i will not post well maybe but i don’t know yet i probably  will not go on CP anymore  well if it gets better i will i will not delete my blog though ok!!! So you guys can still read it. if you have 5 good reasons why i shouldn’t  quit leave a comment and remember i will not delete my blog!!!

Mission Six Walkthrough!

  This is the guide to mission six!

Rockhopper Spotted and Life Vest!

hopper.png Yes Rockhopper landed today i saw him on the server subzero! (me and Rockhopper are in the squares its kinda hard to see him)

life.png Rockhopper has brought back a free itemthe life vest it is at the beach!

New Pin and Free Item!

som.png The new pin is a sombrero you have to break the pinata first to get it!

mi.png The maracas are back in a whole new color you can find them in the dance club!

Vid of Me and My Friends Skateboarding!

  I made this vid!

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Hi penguins!Its Shady5555 I'm the owner of this site! Hope you guys like me and Fabio's awesome site!! You can find me on the servers Frozen(england), Mammoth, and Rocky road! Feel free to ask to be my buddy and hope too see you guys on CP!!! ~Shady5555~


Hi,I am Fabio962!I am an owner of this site!You can usually find me on Frozen(England),Mammoth,or Rocky Road!So,I hope to see all of you cool penguins out there and ask to me my buddy ok! ~Fabio962~
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